August 1, 2015

The Trendy, Practical Girl's Guid to Jet Setting

My move to Australia last July has forced me to get pretty acquainted with the inside of many a airports and airplanes. Twenty one hours on a plane and logging over 24 hours of travel time just to get one way is still not my favorite jam, but I have learned to navigate it better. 

I have certainly gained some insight on plane necessities and how to make what can be a  long flight a bit more enjoyable and emerging from the flight not looking like Brittney Spears circa 2008 a hot mess. Now, I don't arrive off the plane after a 21/22 hour flight looking like Kate Middelton {:who does?:} but I can manage to go out to eat with the fam without too much embarrassment. 

What to Wear

I usually plan my airport outfit days in advance. I want to be cute, but I am not willing to sacrifice my comfort on a long plane ride to look Duchess Kate-ish. My traveling outfit always involves a scarf and cardigan of some sort, even in summer, because the temperature on planes can be very tricky. It is like you are having a heat stroke before you take off and hypothermia sets in while you are in flight. Sometimes I wear leggings on the plane or I opt for my most comfortable pair of jeans. I also have learned that loose fitting clothes are my favorite. Flying often causes your body to swell, so tight clothes can be uncomfortable. I pick shoes that are not complicated to get on and off with security lines and I just like to take off my shoes as I sleep on my 14 hour plane ride. 

In My Carry-On {:Overhead Bag:}
 I usually take two carry-ons. My carry-on suitcase and my backpack as my personal item, because this girl uses every ounce of that 50lbs in my suitcase. If you are struggling with the weight limit of your main suitcase that is going under the plane I suggest putting heavier items {:shoes, jeans, etc.:} in your carry-on, overhead bag. Most planes there is not a weight limit on this bag so take advantage, but make sure if all fits without using the expander on your suitcase to ensure i will fit in the overhead bin.

In My "Personal Item" Bag

I usually take a bookbag instead of a purse just because I can fit more in it and it is more comfortable lugging around the airport. I load this bag with my necessities:

- an empty water bottle {:you can't take water through the security point but you can take an empty bottle and fill it at the water fountains tor water stations throughout airports - I am not about $4 for a bottle of water:}
- snacks {:tlong gone are the days of complimentary pretzels - so come prepared:}
- entertainment {:books, iPads, earphones:}
- wallet
- passport if necessary {:if not a passport make sure you have some sort of photo ID for check-in:}
- necessities bag {:more on that below:}
- phone/phone charger {:with an outlet converter if you are flying internationally:}
- ear plugs {:if you plan on sleeping on the plane I find these to be a MUST - they block out so much noise it's glorious:}
- neck pillow

The Necessity of a Necessities Bag
I rarely go out in public without some sort of make-up on, but on airplanes are my exception. Traveling can wreck havoc on your skin and I am not down with that. And when you are on a plane for 20+ hours and your travel time equals over a 24 hour period some hygiene products are necessary {:but I find these helpful to have on any flight just for freshening up:}.

- hair tie {:for obv reasons and why not make it a sparkly one:}
- Tylenol/Advil {:airplanes can often give people headaches and traveling with one is no bueno:}
- chapstick {:the plane sucks all of the moisture from your skin:}
- deodorant
- moisturizer {:I keep face and hand moisturizer with me:}
- compact {just in case you want a little makeup before you see your family or friends at the airport:}

Some items not pictured that I put in this bag are:
- toothbrush and travel size toothpaste
- makeup remover wipes {:if you do wear makeup on the plane take it off before you go to sleep with one of these - I also use this as a facial cleanser before I get off the plane and apply my makeup:}

Now it's your turn. What are your airport/airplane necessities?
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  1. Love these on board necessities! And couldn't agree more with the comfy loose clothes! Happy travels!

  2. Cashmere socks, origins drink up mask, headphones (sometimes used to get out of having to talk to the person next to me), contact solution (I get dressed to go to the airport and as soon as I get on i remove my makeup and contacts), instead of a scarf I do a pashmina doubles as a blanket or pillow and mine is pink. Pink makes you look more awake. Decongestant, even the slightest stuffy nose, which I always seem to get can reek havoc on your ears. I dress in layers from a seamless tank to a tee, sweater and jacket/cardigan. Never wear perfume on the plain, small space no fresh air.


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