November 16, 2015

Even When it Hurts Like Hell

Sometimes my heart simply gets overwhelmed – overwhelmed with tragedy, sadness, loneliness, hurt, longing, insecurity, worry- sometimes all of those at the same time.

 I find myself in this place as I type. I’m sitting in the quietness of my apartment absolutely broken hearted over a valley one of my friends must walk through without the ability to run over to her house, sit on the couch, and just love on her. Yet, in my broken heartedness the song “Here Now” by Hillsong Worship comes on and I immediately reminded of His presence – here now – in every circumstance and in every situation. I’m aware that while I can’t be there, He has never left her side. I am aware that in the depths of sorrow He is fully present.  I know that in brokenness He provides a peace that surpasses understanding. But, then again, I realize that is exactly who Dad is…He is the most beautiful of contradictions.

He is peace in the midst of chaos. He is the comfort that makes no sense in the midst of the loneliest of seasons. He is joy in the depths of our pain…even when it hurts like hell.

This post isn’t meant to be super profound, but just a reminder and hopefully a glimpse of hope, if you find yourself in any of those places now.

He is near. Now. He desires to be your beautiful contradiction. He desires to give you joy for mourning, beauty for ashes, and songs of praise instead of despair.
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