November 11, 2015

The Tragedy of Great

I was sitting in a class the other day and our instructor had all of us write down a goal we wanted to achieve. Then he went through and asked us a series of questions we had to write an answer to around that goal. Questions like: How is not doing this a problem for you? What do you need to start doing to make this a reality? What would your life look like if you achieved said goal?

After we went through this our instructor picked out people at random and forced lovingly encouraged them to be vulnerable and share their goal. One girl he picked on in our class is an insane songwriter. She has come out with her own CD and has preformed her songs in front of millions of people. But…she hasn’t written in a long time for the fear that her next song won’t be great. She had such a high level of expectation for herself and the things she wrote that it paralyzed her from writing at all thinking what she wrote next might only be good.

Then and there in that classroom I couldn’t help but wonder how many books have never been written, blog posts have been left in the draft folder, messages have never been preached, opportunities have been turned down because we might not be great?

In all honesty about 90% of what you create will just be good; 20 percent of it might even be down right bad. But if you refuse to create anything you will never uncover the 10% that is great. You will never create the song that sets people free. You will never write the book that caused people to look at the world differently. You will never bring people into the truth with your great message. If you don’t create, 100% percent of your God entrusted gift will not be serving people in the way it was intended to.

What are you not doing, what are you not creating, because you are too afraid it will not be great?

If you're always great, then there is no real reason God needs to show up in it. You clearly already have it under control. But when you are only good and something great comes out of it you know it must have been God. The good is God's playground for greatness.
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  1. I love this, the fear of not being GREAT can be crippling to creativity.

  2. This is a very inspirational post. I often think my posts will not be good and then i go read them again and revamp them and I'm alot more confident!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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