November 2, 2015

Wonderlust Wanderings: Life's Not Always Beautiful...But Sometimes It Is

Just three short weeks ago I was waking up to the smell of salty air, the sound of crashing waves, and the feeling of absolute contentment in my soul. It was college break and it was vacation time. 

Ten of my friends and I packed up and took on a road trip through Australia to go to one of those vacations where all you can think as a college student is "I totally should not be able to afford this!"

The road trip was only three short hours but every second of it was stunning. We traveled through mountains that would rival West Virginia's all while singing to our favorite songs and chatting with these <<< two beauties.             We were on our way to Jervis Bay - a beach known for having the whitest sand in the world. It is so beautifully white that a beach in Hawaii imports the sand from Jervis to the Hawaiian beach. Which is, of corse, the only reason I would call a picture of my feet acceptable {:In case you are new to these parts...I HATE feet:} 

Yeah, it was definitely a pinch me vacation.

The first two days we were there, it wasn't even beach weather {:as you can probably tell by our sweatshirts and hats:}. Honestly, it didn't even matter. That still didn't get in the way of this being an incredible vacation. Our days started with breakfast together then consisted of long walks along the water, Kan Jam on the beach, cards, reading by the indoor fireplace while Mozart serenaded on the surround sound, reading on the beach curled up in fur blankets as the waves crashed, watching movies, drinking coffee at the local beachside cafe, and just loving life at a much slower pace. And that was just our days! The nights ended with family dinner and bonfires filled with marshmallow roasting and stories that left all of us with sore cheeks and plenty of inside jokes.
We even learned a new game called Kan Jam.
Has anyone else ever played this before?

The days went by way too fast, but on our last day we all got up while it was still dark to watch the sunrise. There was a bit of cloud covering that morning so we weren't sure how much we were going to see. It took a little more patience, but when the sun peeked over those clouds and reflected on the water, it proved to be a morning I won't soon forget. It was beautiful! We soaked it in, took a lot of pictures, and made some lasting memories. Then, we hurried back to the house, ate breakfast together one last time and then packed up so we could head out to the beach before we headed for home that evening. The weather was suppose to be gorgeous that day, and oh boy - it did not disappoint!

Leaving paradise wasn't so easy but the memories sure are sweet....and I am totally going back there before I leave. Now, who is coming to visit me??

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