December 12, 2015

The Single Girl Diaries: When Longer = Stronger (Pt. 2)

Did another Single Saturday pass without a hottie having asked your foxy self out on a date? What can we say? Boys can be idiots. Well, for those of you not preparing for a hot date night, I have prepared something just for you. {In return I accept cash donations, gift cards, and coffees. Please ship to....jk}

A few months ago I wrote part 1 of this post and I talked about being willing to walk the path you are on longer so that your testimony and perseverance will enable others to walk stronger. Today in this post, I want to take the same thought and apply it to ourselves. 
Sometimes God asks us to walk longer so that others may walk stronger.
And sometimes God asks us to walk longer so that we may become stronger. 
In this season of singleness I have found that both statements are profoundly true in my life. I believe that God is allowing this single season in my life to be a source of strength for other single women, but I believe it would be a mistake to believe that the only strength being gained from this journey would be in others. The strength is for me as well.
Countless times along this journey, singleness has been the fire that God has used to purify and strengthen me. 
I took some time to study the refining of silver a few years back and some of the things I found absolutely blew my mind! I found it interesting, that when a piece of silver is put in the fire to be refined, to remove the dross {the impurities of the metal},the fire has to get so hot that even the metal becomes soft.  Even the part that is good and pure, the silver, must be broken down to a soft and pliable state. It is only in this soft and pliable state that the impurities can be removed to create the pure metal.  
There are times when God has turned up the fire of this season so hot that I felt like I couldn't handle it any more. Those nights where I would hit my knees and cry out of the loneliness I felt  and my inability to understand why this season was playing out the way it was.
Now, as I look back and apply what I learned about the refining fire, I realize that God only turns up the heat so that my heart will become soft and pliable.  It is in this soft and pliable state that he can remove the impurities and shape and mold me to who He needs me to become. When I emerge from the fire not only have the impurities been removed making me stronger, I have also been refashioned to better suit my purpose. 
I don't know the exact reason you or I are still single. I just know that he needs you and He needs me to walk this road longer because he needs to make us stronger for whatever lies ahead. He is building and strengthening our faith muscles as we walk. And when the journey becomes overwhelming and the fire becomes too hot, use it as a trigger to send you running back to the comfort and embrace of the Lover of Your Soul.

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  1. I just love this and your single girl series!!! Although I am no longer single, it felt like it would be FOREVER! And its funny because my boyfriend is the army, I NEVER imagine God would place me with a military man! Talk about loneliness! But through out my single season it has prepared me for this relationship and I am SO grateful I went through it before I met him :)


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