October 25, 2015

Midday Baby, Midday!

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. – Romans 8:18

Midday baby, midday. That has been the slogan that’s ignited a global movement of prayer by my Pastor Bobbie Houston. Every day at 12pm men and women around the world stop what they are doing to pray for our world - for the events occurring in Syria, governments, natural disasters, and and just in general that we would see Thy Kingdom Come in a world that is terribly broken and groaning.

As I type, I find myself whining a bit about just how hot it is in my apartment - my apartment that has a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry {:well, almost:} a closet full of clothes, and all the clean water my heart desires. But as I whine, my heart is quickened towards the families and friends in Oregon that would give anything to only have the sticky weather to complain about as they mourn the loss of their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and best friends after the recent shooting there. Then, my mind drifts to the loved ones of those killed in the Oklahoma by a young girl who made a terrible decision to drink and drive. Or to the 7.6 million Syrians who have been displaced because of the atrocities they are facing within their country. And with those thoughts Paul’s words above, from Romans 8:13, come to mind.

    I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. – Romans 8:18

The first question that pops in my mind when I read this as a source of comfort is "but, how can Paul say these words with such confidence?" The original recipients of this letter are Christians in Rome who are under the rule of Nero, a man of immense hatred, a man who brought about intense persecution for the Christians within the Roman Empire {:to give some perspective: he use to impale Christians on a pole and light them on fire to use as lights at his parties:}. And let's be honest, Paul’s personal journey as a Christian had hardly been a walk in the park up until this point- jailed, beaten, taken for dead, not to mention the attacks on his character. So how is it again that he can be so sure that this "isn't all so bad?"

And how can we say this same verse with confidence today to those families who are mourning in Oregon and Oklahoma or to the women and young girls in Syria who are being raped by Islamic Terrorists and calling it a "religious act"?

We say these words with confidence and filled with hope, just as Paul did in the midst of tragedy, because we know we are a people who live in the now and not yet. We live in a Kingdom that has come {:through Jesus:} and a Kingdom that is not fully here yet in its fullness, splendor, and restoration. Our world is groaning with birth pains of a Kingdom that is being birthed and an enemy that is fighting it with every ounce of his defeated being. Though we may not win every battle, and there will still be tragedy, violence, and atrocity within our world, the war has been won. Paul’s message is the same as that of John 16:33 “For in this world you will experience trouble. But take heart! For I have overcome the world.”

Just as the Christians within the early Church were experiencing the effects of living in a fallen world, we too are experiencing those same things. That is why Midday Baby, Midday is such a powerful mandate. It is a Christian body uniting and taking a stand saying we know we live in a fallen world where the enemy is lurking to seek, kill and destroy but we know one who is greater and we activate a mighty power when we take our post and pray at midday.  And where there is unity God commands a blessing {:Psalm 133:1:}. Through this call to prayer, around the globe people are manning their post at 12pm each day praying. And as we stand our post, I believe hell trembles and we see a glimpse of the coming glory that will be revealed when the Kingdom has fully come. As Pastor Bobbie would say: “#theykingdomcome” #middayBABYmidday.
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