January 21, 2016

Fashion Inspiration for Your Next Tourist Experience

About a month ago my bestie and I hit the streets of NYC to celebrate our birthdays, but mostly hers because she turned 30!

We couldn’t just hit the streets with fanny packs, mom jeans, and winter crocs {:you know, the ones that are equally unfashionable just with fur on the inside:}! You want to tour in style, but comfort is massive since being an oober tourist means a lot of walking. So here are some of my favorite outfit ideas for those chilly tourist destinations.


I am a big fan of the pancho. They are warm and comfortable. What more could a fashionable tourist like yourself want? Pair it with a button down, jeans, and boots for a comfy, warm, and trendy look.


And since we don’t want to look like a total Diva with our 3 suitcases for a five day trip, it is important we can wear some items over. I put the same jeans from above with a warm, wool, tribal print cardigan and paired it with a black thermal under and topped off the look with over-the-knee gray boots.


My final look is for the one who wants to be a bit edgier. For this outfit, I paired a long-tailed shirt under a red plaid button down {:the key for this outfit is for your tee to be longer than your plaid button down:} with my favorite oober torn jeans and Converse. This outfit definitely has city street style, but won’t leave you paying the price for you fashion choices.

What is your go-to style for those winter tourist trips?
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