January 25, 2016

Preparing for the Big O!


There are some events in life that are just a bit more monumental than others, unlike that one time you broke all tradition and went without a cherry on top of your hot fudge Sunday - not so monumental. I have one of those actual monumental events coming up this year.

I am preparing for THE BIG O - the big 3 - 0, that is!

So what is a single girl, living on the other side of the world to do to prepare for such an event? Get in the best shape of her life, that is what. I have vowed to my family, and now all of you, that I will be in better shape when I turn 30, than I have been in, in my entire life. Why? Because it may have taken 29 years to get there, but I finally actually love myself enough to realize I am worth it.

Everywhere you look this time of year there are reminders of your New Year's resolution to be in better shape, eat more salads and less tacos, and to use that gym membership you have had on hold the last 10 months since you last got the bug to get in shape and loose the weight. You walk into department stores and the mannequins right as you walk through the main doors are dressed in the latest athletic fashions. Your Pinterest feed is filled with all your friends pinning the low carb, Weight Watchers point meals and the latest Tabata workout. So why is it that with all of this positive push to look better and feel better we find ourselves ten pounds heavier this year with the same goal of getting healthy and fit as last year?

I have come to realize that you can’t really take care of something in the way it should be taken care of until you actually love it. We take care of our babies, our nephews, and our elderly grandparents because we love them. We take care of our new white Nike sneakers we got for Christmas by wiping them down after each wear and always keeping them safe inside on the rainy days - because we love them. Yet, we want to "take care" {:most of us don't actually want to take care of our bodies we only want to change them:} of our bodies but skip the most vital first step - loving our bodies.

I have spent years on the other side of loving my body. I loathed it for many years. That self-loathing even resulted in an eating disorder for years in college. So trust me when I say I get what it means to not love your body.

But today, I can honestly say I love my body. It wasn't a feeling I woke up with but it was a choice and a choice that is empowered every single day through prayer. I don’t love the extra few pounds I have put on since moving to Australia and I don’t love that my bird wings keep waving to you after my hand has stopped, and I don’t love every feature of my body BUT I do love my body. I love that even through everything I have put my body through - the eating disorder, the overeating, the crash dieting, and the constant negative attitude towards it, it has still been good to me. My body has allowed me to live the life I never knew I always wanted - on the there side of the world, pursuing Jesus, and building and sustaining relationships that will last me a life time.

So this year, to prepare for the Big O, I am going to get into the best shape of my life, because it is time I do something to thank my body, instead of beat it up, for all these years it’s been good to me when I haven’t been good to it.

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  1. Good for you! I agree - you do have to love yourself before you can "help" yourself.
    30 is a great ride - I'm enjoying the 40s too ;)


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