January 18, 2016

What You Need to Make the Best of a Long Flight


Today at 5pm I take off on what has now become a routine flight from Washington, D.C to Sydney Australia. But flying over 9,000 miles to the other side of the world is hardly normal. Yet, somehow, in my crazy world these days it actually is. This will be my ninth time making this flight and by no means is it the most enjoyable experience of my life, but it also isn’t like the daunting task of having to get a root canal. It is survivable.

I have read tons of other travelers advice and learned a few tips of my own along the way. Lucky for you I have combined them all into a pretty package in this here little blog post, just for you.
{:You can thank me by throwing a few of those air miles my way ;) :}


Cozy, Warm Socks: Those long flights are notoriously chilly {:especially if you are lucky enough to nab the window seat:} and while you may be bundled in a warm blanket, that blanket doesn’t normally reach your tootsies. I learned this one the hard way. You may even want to invest in a pair of compression socks if you are worried about swelling.

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs: The airlines really do their best to provide the best environment to sleep, but let’s face it - there are hundreds of other people on your flight that they cannot control and you only get to lean back a grand two degrees. So every little bit helps. I have gone without the mask, but that was before I had a lovely neighbor who wanted to read the entire 14 hour flight with his little “personal” reading light that did not feel so personal on my sleepy eyes. And, ear plugs because people or no people, airplanes are loud!

Makeup Removing Pads: Flying will wreck havoc on your skin so I highly recommend flying without makeup on these long flights. If you need to keep up with the Jonses’ before getting on the flight, fine, but once you get on use the wipes to take all that off. I hardly ever go anywhere without makeup, but on these long flights the only thing I wear is moisturizer and lipgloss. I take two of these wipes with me. One to cleanse before I sleep on the plane and one for when we are about to land or right after I get off the plane to make me feel a bit more refreshed. Target has a great selection in their travel section.

Toothbrush: This one seems like common sense but so many people forget it. You will be flying for a very long time and if you are meeting someone on the other end, you do not need to kill anyone with your horse breathe.

Neck Pillow: Flights usually provide you with a pillow but it is always nice to use both for extra comfort or place the one they provide for you behind your lower back for support.

Entertainment: Prepare to entertain yourself. Download movies, purchase the new Adele album, have a couple e-books available,and update all your game apps. Bring whatever you need to not go crazy for the long flight, and don’t forget your earplugs.

Snacks: Depending just how long your flight is, you will probably receive at least one, maybe two meals. But, we are adults and not exactly use to eating on someone else schedule. So pack some light snacks, nothing too heavy as you aren’t really moving a whole lot and your body has trouble digesting high sugar fatty foods at that altitude.

Moisturizer: As I mentioned above, the flight will not be kind to your skin and it absolutely zaps you of all moisture, so be prepared to rehydrate your face and hands.

Sanatizing Wipes: There are all sorts of nasty germs floating around in that plane with you. I enjoy having a couple of these on hand to wipe down my tray table, arm rests, and seatbelt. Call me a germaphobe, but you can call me whatever you want when you are hacking up a long and I am out on the town ;) {:Note: Don’t make my mistake and purchase the Clorox Wipes as they have bleach in them and will bleach your clothing:}

Chapstick: Again, for all those hydration needs because of reasons mentioned above.

Water Bottle: I am always shocked to find out how many people do not know that you can take your own water bottle on flights. You cannot go through security with water in it but you can bring the empty bottle to fill up in the airport. Many airports even have bottle stations for you to do just that. And I just can’t stress the importance of staying hydrated as you travel and those teeny tiny airplane cups of water will not cut it on the long flight.

Did I miss anything? What would you never leave home without on a long flight?
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  1. Bring one of those portable phone chargers, maybe even two or three. Nothing worse than losing your charge in the middle of Game of Thrones.


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