January 15, 2016

Why I Am Choosing to Be in an Open Relationship


2016 started like many other years - me cuddled in a small corner of a quaint, local cafe with my delicious hot coffee, journal, and pink Bible.

I am sure I have mentioned my New Years tradition in years past. But, just by the chance that you are new here... at the outset of every year I like to take some time in the first few days of the New Year to reflect on the year that has passed and look forward to the one that is yet to unfold. It’s in that time that I look at goals from the past year, evaluate how well I achieved them and take time to review God’s faithfulness as well as the lessons learned along the path.

As I sat there in that oversized chair and sipped my festive coffee tons of goals {:not resolutions because us Christian gals prefer the word goals to resolutions as if they don’t mean the exact same thing:} came to mind, but my pen never met the paper. Instead I found myself with a blank piece of paper before me, and an open heart within me.

This year, instead of writing down ten goals to achieve over the year I found myself writing a prayer instead. A prayer to be more more like this open journal before me turned to a blank page. I want to be more open Jesus than I have ever been. I want to be open to say yes to his plans instead of filling my new, perfect 2016 planner with my own agendas. I want to be open to the relationships he will bring along my path instead of obsessing about finding “the relationship.” I am open Jesus, and this year is a blank page.

As my words turned into a prayer and the prayer spilled onto the once blank pages I poured out that my heart was to be in such an intimate relationship with my Savior this year that I would know everything, every high and every low, every victory, and every struggle that unfolded throughout the year would be to prosper me or grow my character. A pray of expectancy and not expectation. A prayer that declared I am completely open to what He has in this next year -to the ride, to being obedient to his voice and to laying my agenda and plans for this next year down to repeatedly and consistently saying yes to His voice, His call, and His plan…even when it deviates from what makes sense and is logical.

This year I am in an open relationship and I am crazy enough to believe it will be my best year yet.
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  1. Those sound like wonderful goals! Good for you.
    Listen with your heart.

  2. So good friend! We are all so often closed to what the Lord has for us, sometimes out of fear. I am so glad you are choosing to be open this year:)


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