February 24, 2016

Get Your Wild On - The SIngle Girl Diaries

I decided at the beginning of 2015 that it was my year - my year to find "the one" that is. Only guess what? Yup, this is still the 'Single Girl Diaries' not the 'I Found my Tall Drink of Mochachino Diaries'.

So what is a single girl who is pushing the big 3-0 suppose to think when one of her deepest desires - to be a wife and mother has yet to be fulfilled? I talked to you about how it is easy to feel like I am living in God's Plan B for my life when my life has hardly unfolded the way I had hoped and dreamed it would since watching my first Disney princess movie. But I also know that if you are living in the will of God, there are no plan B's - only strategic and purposed plan As.

So what's the deal God? I know I have heard you promise me multiple times that I will be both of those things. You say you give us the desires of our heart, yet here I am approaching yet another one of life's milestones and still haven't seen one of my deepest and greatest desires fulfilled.

Last Monday, I shared around how God often leads us through the wilderness on the way to the promise. So maybe that is what this singleness season is. I still believe the promise of a husband and kids are coming, but right now I am simply in the wilderness where God is testing me, like he tested the Israelites, to see what is in my heart {:Deuteronomy 8:2:}.

I believe that my one day marriage won't just be good. I have prayed for years that I would have the most influential marriage in the world  {:hey, you have not because you ask not...so I got my 'ask' on...big time:}. Maybe I should have thought twice about this prayer because I believe now, in the wilderness of this single season, God is testing and humbling my heart because if what I prayed is what I truly want there is going to be a price I have to pay. I am going to have to get good at putting myself second. I am going to have to get good at being open and vulnerable. I am going to have to get good at trusting someone else with my well being. There is work God is doing in me in this wilderness season to test and prepare my heart for the promise ahead.

So if you are like me, and find this singleness stuff to be more of a wilderness treck while Destiny's Child 'Survivor' plays in the background rather than a Sunday stroll in the park while 'Wouldn't it Be Nice' plays then know that what you are fighting for and what God is doing in you is setting you up to receive the promise from a place of strength and grace.

Get your wild on sister singleness. It is worth it for the promise that lays on the other side.

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