February 1, 2016

I Have Decided to Consciously Uncouple

This eyebrow raising phrase came on the scene a few years ago when Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow decided to divorce. But, being the creatives that they are, they couldn't just use the same term as us commoners. So they came up with a different term to insinuate that the divorce was a positive step in both of their lives. So the term consciously uncoupling came on the scene.

I have decided I am going to take a note from these two and consciously uncouple myself as well.I mean why not? If the big celebs are going to name their kids Coco then I should probably name my future bambino Earwax or something right? {:No, not the same?:}

Anyways, I have decided to consciously uncouple a few things in my life as well. In 2016 I am consciously uncoupling my identity and my position, my circumstance and God’s goodness, and my season and my song.

I will no longer be getting my identity from any position I hold. I am consciously uncoupling who I am from what I do. My worth can never be summed up in a post I write, a message I speak, or a position I hold. My identity is in that I am a child of God. He has written his name on my heart with indelible ink and no one else may write on what God has already written on. My identity is sealed and secure regardless of my success or failings. I am never worth more or less in the Kingdom because of what I do.

I am also consciously uncoupling my circumstance from God’s goodness. My situations are not always good. In fact, the reality of circumstances is sometimes just plain bad. But, the status of my circumstance will never determine the status of my Jesus. My circumstances will change. My Jesus never will. He is and always has been the same. He is good and He is faithful. Forever. He cannot stop being those things because the true definition of goodness and faithfulness is found in who he is - his character.

And finally, I am consciously uncoupling my song and my season. By song I mean the song that plays in my head - my self talk. We’ve all had those days where we are totally feeling ourselves and our self-talk is stellar. We have also had those days where we look in the mirror and we throw up a little bit in our mouths - the self-talk is anything but encouraging on those days. My self-talk no longer is dictated by what I see in the mirror or how I feel about myself. My self-talk, my song, is dependent on who God is, who he made me to be, and who Jesus died for me to become. Today, if it’s my worst day or my best day, I am the best Amber Miller that walks this earth. So I can either despise the mold God created me from or I can thank him for it. And I choose a song of thanksgiving every day, in ever season.

Anyone else all for taking a page from the celebs and consciously uncouple from a few things yourselves this year? I am willing to bet your 2016 will thank you for it.
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