February 22, 2016

Joshua 3:5 - Verse of the Week

Consecrate: the setting apart of all we are, all we have, and all we expect to be – to have God above it all.

This week’s verse practically walked off the page as I was reading it in Joshua last week. This was probably because I realized the Holy Spirit was trying to drive a point home.

It was only a few days before reading this verse that I was sitting and having a conversation with one of my friends, whose name happens to be Joshua. As we were chatting about something totally unrelated to any of this he stopped me and said he had it on his heart to tell me that this is going to be a massive year for me and that I needed to consecrate myself.

Truth be told, this second year Bible college student didn’t really know what consecrate meant. So I did what any good, solid, Christian girl does…forget about it.

Not even five days later as I was reading in Joshua I see this verse: “Joshua told the people, consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Oh, hello neon sign…God wasn’t just clarifying what Josh had told me, he actually had a Joshua say the exact same thing to me only using different words! Okay, God. I got it.

I had to go and research what it means to consecrate yourself to the Lord in today’s context {:because in days of  sandals and man dresses it looked like washing yourself and your clothing – but here in this 21st century I have got the whole shower/cleanliness thing down:}.

A huge amount of consecration today is about prayer and devoting more time to God, His word, and actually giving God the time to speak to you. Consecration for me means making less time for watching movies with the girls and more time for watching the words of the Word come alive. It means guarding what my ears hear and my eyes see so that they are open and searching for what God hears and God sees.

I am sharing this verse because I do not believe it is for me to keep in my quiet time or hidden in my heart. This verse is meant for me to share because God wants to do a new and massive thing in you this year. A lot of this builds on to last weeks verse because just as Joshua was leading the Israelites out of the wilderness and into the promise land –the land they prayed for and were expectant for – God wants to lead you into your promise. But first, he wants you to prepare yourself to step into this promise. He wants you to set apart all you are, all you have, and all you expect to be in order to have and know Him above it all.

Are you ready? Are you ready for consecration so that you may see the promise of God fulfilled in your life? 

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  1. You never know where your lessons will come from! & I just love when the "signs" are so blatant - like you said, "a neon sign" - makes them a bit harder to ignore haha <3


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