February 11, 2016

My 3 Non-Negotiables for Simple Wright Loss



Signing up and going through Bible College has been nothing like going to college the first time to get my Bachelor’s Degree. It has been much more like character education. I have learned a lot about myself in many ways. One thing I have learned about myself is that I have an obsessive personality. 


This character trait comes with great qualities like performing and accomplishing things with excellence, religiously getting in my workouts, ensuring I do my devotionals daily - that sort of thing. One of the biggest down sides of this is the way it shows up in my eating patterns. I obsess…which is why these personality types are more susceptible to eating disorders. Hence my story with an eating disorder. So I have to be careful not to become obsessive about every crumb I put in my mouth because I can easily do that in a very unhealthy way. Instead I have committed to these 3 simple rules {:I don’t like to really use that word because it feeds into my obsessive nature too much. I prefer the word non-negotiable.:}


  • 80oz. of Water a Day {:minimum:} Ever wanted to burn calories for doing absolutely nothing? Me too! Research has shown that drinking ice water can do just that. In order to process ice cold water your body must heat up the water first causing your body to burn aprox. 1 calorie per ounce. That is 80 calories a day extra just for popping some ice in that water. 


  • Just Say No I am really, really good at saying No - remember the whole obsessive personality thing. The problem is I become obsessed with saying no to every little joy food brings and end up binge eating a week later on everything I said no to... x 100. Now, I allow myself little indulgences {:if my friends are all going for froze yogurt after church, I am going and I am getting some frozen yogurt:}, but the no may come in me not allowing myself to fill the bowl up to the top with fro-yo like I want to or put a less than stellar topping choice on. I have to tell myself no at least once a day when it comes to my food choices. It may be a second helping of pasta or the after dinner ice cream, but at least once a day I exercise my right to say no because I love my body enough to keep it healthy.


  • Absolutely NO Binge Eating I am in control of my life and my health now. Binge eating is something I use to do, but I am not that person anymore. I have made a choice. Binge eating is less about a food choice and more about a choice of who you are. This is where I let my obsessive personality work to my advantage. I allow myself to be obsessive over the fact that I am healthy and in control of my life and not obsessive over food and feeling like I am out of control. Do I still have the urge to do it? Yeah, sometimes. Do I do it? No. I have made a choice that I am not that girl anymore and after awhile the choice gets easier. 


Easy enough? It may sound “too simple”, but if you are looking to loose weight or get healthy, you did not get unhealthy or add those extra few pounds over night. You got to where you are now by making small choices that compounded into a big problem. Why not reverse the cycle and start making small choices to be healthy and let them compound into a massive push towards your health and well being. After you master these you can add three more like I am doing now. Just imagine if you added 3 new non-negotiable every two months. That would be 18 new habits in 2016! All that good compounds together just like the bad leaving you feeling healthier, stronger, and more confident.



What about you? Do you have any non-negotiables when it comes to your health? I would love to add some of your suggestions into my own life. 

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