February 3, 2016

Three Letters and a Dot


"From Miss to Mrs."

That burlap banner seems to be hanging at everyones bridal shower these days... except my own.

In the last few years that I was teaching, each year we would host multiple showers for girls in the school who were getting married. We would all laugh and joke about their names were changing and how us as teachers, could hardly remember which name was the right one. {:The students were normally much better about this.:}

As we would joke with the engaged and newly married teachers, I remember day dreaming about the day the name outside my door would no longer read Miss Miller. The day it would instead read Mrs. Married a Hunka Burnin’ Love {:or something like that:}.

Obviously, since this is the Single Girl Diaries post, that day never came and may never come since I have given up teaching.

But since when did three letters and a dot get to define my identity?

Yes, I am pushing 30 and still have Miss attached to my name {:do you have to become a Ms. after 30? because I am so not down with that:}, but just because I will earn those three letters and a dot one day doesn’t really mean I am anything different than what I am now.

Sure, my role will change as a wife, but I will still be Amber. Because wherever you go, YOU go. No angels from heaven will start singing when I receive those three letters and a dot. The fact that I desire ice cream every single day of my life and that creates a constant tension since it is clearly not the most stellar choice in the food pyramid {:we all have our cross to carry-this is certainly mine - the struggle is real y’all!:} will not change because of three letters and a dot. And unfortunately the fruit of the spirit will not miraculously appear in my life just because I received those three letters and a dot {:I do however hear that living with a boy will more than likely make that fruit ripen faster though…especially the patience one:}.

Three letters and a dot do not give me my identity or tell me what I am or am not capable of. I have a Jesus that does that.

I have the power to choose what defines me. I can choose to daydream about picking wild flowers in my utopian, etherial, imaginary flower fields while chanting “he loves me, he loves me not” OR I can recognize the actual place I am in and see the opportunities and greatness that is already present in the current field I am in - also called real life.

Three letters and a dot do not define you my sweet, sassy, single friend and neither do a piece of paper that says your a wife, or a hunk of metal and a rock on your left hand. Jesus has already given you identity before you were formed in your mother’s womb.

So let’s not be the single girls who are damsels in distress as we wait, not so patiently, for our prince to come along and give us a new “title”. Let’s be the single girls that inspire other single girls to see their season not as hell on earth but as a season to love, embrace, and totally kick single girl booty!

Tonight, I dare you to refuse to watch Netflix or hang out with Ben & Jerry. But instead call over your girl squad, play Shania Twain’s Man I feel Like a Woman, and dance around in your underoos. Create some memories that when you do have those three letters and a dot you will look back on and smile.

Are you in? Me too. Give me some of your best single girl night ideas in the comments so we can all get on with our sassy, single girl selves. Ready. Set, Type



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