February 15, 2016

Verse of the Week – Deuteronomy 8:2

This year, I have decided to commit to memorizing scripture a week. I committed to this last year, but considering there are 52 weeks in a year and I memorized a whopping 10, I would say this was a fail. So, this year I volunteered you to be my accountability partner. {:You are welcome ;) :}

Each week, on Monday, I will post my verse and a short blurb about it - whether it is some historical context that brings meaning to the verse or just my personal revelation from it. Then, I will post that baby on my mirror, on my Insta, and in my Bible and read it everyday over and over until I’ve caught it in my Spirit.

Maybe you want to memorize along with me, maybe you just want to snoop check up on me and see how faithful I am being. Either way, I am totally cool with it. But, my hope is that these weekly post will be more than just my accountability. Rather I am believing it will deposit something in you as well.

Anyways, all that to say welcome to the Verse of the Week post! Grab a cup of coffee and read on sweet, girl.

As I was reading this verse it popped out to me that though the Israelites were in the wilderness, they were on their way to the promise.

How often is this same circumstance replicated in our lives? God gives us a promise, a calling, a purpose, yet to get to the fulfillment of it we must walk through the wilderness.

The wilderness, where they we're unseen, unprepared, and uncomfortable.

Yup, that seems to sum up the wilderness pretty well to me from my experience. And let me tell you, this girl is so not a fan of those wilderness seasons.

As I read God revealed to me that those wilderness seasons are the training grounds to ensure that we are ready, prepared, and equipped for when we are released into the calling, promise, or purpose God has prepared for us.

On my journey with Jesus, I have found he is far less concerned about building my agenda, ministry, plans, or preparing a way for my calling and more interested in building me. See Jesus wants to give us the promise, but not at the expense of ourselves. In the wilderness is where he humbles and tests our character to ensure that we are people who can handle the promise, calling, and purpose He was for us.

Promises cost something – just ask any mama who prayed for a baby or any wife who prayed for a husband. It was a promise they desired, but it takes work. God wants to make sure that we are people who will count the cost and pay the price when that promise requires more of us than we originally thought.

So there you have it, week 1 of Verse of the Day. I hope it helped you, inspired you, challenged you or just made you go ‘ohhh’.

What do you say, do you want to join the challenge?

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