February 16, 2016

When Scars Look Like Love


I remember being fairly young, around the age of five, and seeing a beautiful younger woman with a huge scar in the middle of her chest. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. After we left I remember asking: “Mommy, why did that lady have a scar on her chest.” My mom explained to me that this woman had to have heart surgery - probably a surgery that saved her life.

I remember thinking how awesome it was. I romanticized that scar. To me it made her more beautiful because it showed how strong she must be. In my young eyes, her scar was a scar of healing and strength.

I think as Christians, God often gives us spiritual scars. Scars that cause us to look back one day and say “oh that scar, that’s my Daddy’s love.”

Being a Christian can sometimes leave you feeling like you are in one of those embarrassing hospital gowns with an awful backdraft on a cold surgery table about to be cut open and ripped into. I have come to learn that this image and feeling isn’t completely off. If you are a Christian, I am willing to bet that there is some sort of heart surgery God is performing right now that is leaving you feeling vulnerable and with your backside exposed.

The thing about heart surgery is it is a long and detailed surgery, but it is only done because something about the heart was not functioning properly. It is also done without the help of the one being operated on. The one undergoing heart surgery must be very still while the surgeon performs what only he can preform.

Spiritual heart surgery looks pretty similar. We only have to go in for the surgery because there was a problem with the way our heart was functioning that will limit or hinder our lives going forward. And our surgeon, Jesus, needs us only to "be still" {:Psalms 46:10:} while he does what only he can do. We don't need to help him we just need to be still and quiet while he performs a work of repair and restoration.

So we go into surgery. It can be long and the recovery can be excruciating. But after the surgery is done we have a heart that is suitable and sustainable for carrying out the life before us. Then, all that is left of what was once defective, is a scar. A scar that shows our daddy loved us too much us to keep us the same. A scar that will only leave you saying “That scar, that’s my Daddy’s love."

That is when scars look like love.
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