February 23, 2016

Why I Read my Bible

I have noticed that the moment you go into ministry or the moment you hightail it off to another country to go to Bible college, people have a lot of questions for you. A lot of those questions center around the idea of devotions and the Bible. Why do you read your Bible? When do you read your Bible? How do you read your Bible? Do you have to read it everyday? Why does your Bible look like a coloring book? What does the Bible say about {:insert most controversial topic of the moment:}?

I LOVE my Bible - to the point where I have days where simply opening it brings me to tears. For me it isn’t a book of ‘you must’ and ‘though shall nots.’ Rather, it is a book of grace teaching me and guiding me in the ways that please my Father. It is a book that teaches me how to fulfill everything He has planned for me in every season. This book is my proof that God is never silent. He is simply a page turn away from speaking to my heart.

This immense feeling of love and awe for the Bible has not always been the case. Prior to eight years ago Bibles in my home served more as dust magnets than road maps for life.

I was 21 before I ever got serious about reading my Bible, and can I be honest? I didn’t really enjoy doing. I had been given the Message Remix: Pause Bible which lays out a daily plan which has you read from the Old Testament and the New Testament each day for six days. On the seventh day you ‘pause’ and reflect on what you read that week.

When I got this Bible I knew God was really beginning to do something in my life and I wanted this Bible to do something more in my life than collect dust. So, I was super diligent about reading it everyday, but I had no flipping idea what in the world I was reading.

I remember the pastor who gave me the Bible asking how it was going and I told him exactly what I just told you. I was doing it, but the words were merely words on a very thin page. I was not having this life shattering, mind blowing revelation everyone talked about while they were reading it. He encouraged me and  I committed to persevering in hopes that one day I would get that rock-your-world-never-be-the-same revelation I had heard of. I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but the words on those thin pages began to mold, shape, and change my heart long before any realized revelation from the stories happened.

The words that once collected dust on my shelf were now the very words clearing the dust and cobwebs I had in my heart.

This is precisely what devotion is. Devotion is devoting yourself to a process - a process that isn’t about you, a process that isn’t always easy, a process that takes commitment, and a process that if you are unrelenting will change your life.

There is no prescription for what devotion looks like or how to read your Bible. It is the only book that you will ever open up and as you read it, you will find it reads you. It will speak to your season, your circumstance, and your deepest fears. It will bring hope when no words from man could ever bring hope. It will bring restoration to your soul when all the ways the world tells you to fix it have failed. It will reveal who you really are as you learn about the One who’s image you were created in.

Why do I read the Bible? Simple. My Daddy wrote it for me. What girl wouldn’t read the book her Daddy penned?
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