February 17, 2016

You're a Liar - The Single Girl Diaries


When I was little I was very nosey {:I get it honest, trust me:}. I remember being little and out to eat with my parents after church on Sundays. I use to love watching people. My observations of people were usually followed by a finger point and a declaration to my parents {:and half the restaurant:} on what  I had observed or thought about “those” people. I think I was generally nice, but I am sure I embarrassed my parents on more than one occasion with my ‘observations’. But my mom would always make me so mad because before I could even share my revelation with them she would interrupt and lecture me on how rude it was to point my finger.

Well, my apologies to you Mama, but today, in this post, I am pointing a finger and shouting, “YOU’RE A LIAR” - to Memory Lane.

Why are memories often so much sweeter than the moment it actually happens? It’s actually the way our brains are wired. We rarely recall memories as the actually were, but instead have added, taken away, or altered the actual event. Take my love language of ice cream for example. I have fasted from ice cream several times in my life. To be honest, there are moments in those fasts when I have the “must. eat. ice cream.” feeling. And it’s torturous! Somehow after the fast is over and while I am downing my third bowl of Ben and Jerry’s of the night I have the audacity to say “awe, it wasn’t that bad.” 

Memories are liars.

Our memories of ghost of boyfriends past are also liars. I know you would never allow your civilized, non-crazy, single girl brain to ever go to the places I have been guilty of letting mine go. But, sometimes I have taken a stroll down memory lane once or twice. You know, just for giggles. However, instead of giggles I only end up with a sad heart and longing eyes for what never really was.

We I stroll through the streets of memory lane and only see the 5 second live billboards of what was actually a long relationship. And these billboards along Memory Lane have been edited and dramatized, like all highlight reels are, to only show the good stuff and then beef the good stuff up even more. 

So here is a note to my far more sane single sister: Your memories are liars. If you are broken up from the man boy in the highlight reel, then the relationship was clearly not that good - or you would still be together. And that guy you said no to a date with for a good reason but now have not had a date in months and he is now married with 17 children - you did not make the wrong decision. Your time is coming. Memory Lane…You’re a LIAR! You are beautiful, smart, and all together lovely my darling! So if this Valentine’s Day stuff has you thinking on boyfriends of Valentine’s Day past, stop it and look forward and realize that this may be last V-Day you ever spend alone.

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