March 15, 2016

How I Pray

Some things come naturally to me…like forgetting where I place stuff, locking my keys in my car, or forgetting to put deodorant on before I leave the house because I always leave it until last to make sure I do not have any of those awful deodorant stains on my black shirt.

Other things do not come so easily for me. One of those things is prayer.

Making the Bible part of my daily life has been relatively easy for me. I love opening up the pages and gaining new insights and revelations from it. Prayer, however, has been one of the things I have struggled with, but I just never really told anyone for fear that someone may think I am somehow “less spiritual.” {: I know. I know.  How dumb is that? But, I would also be willing to bet at least one of you reading this has done something similar. No not you of course, the next sassy lady that will pop on to this page, obviously!:}

It was a constant internal struggle for me. How could I really have relationship with the One I was falling in love with through the Word, but struggled to communicate with?

How much like a normal relationship does that sound like, though? If there is a relationship there are probably communication issues at one time or another, right? So have some grace and listen to what I did to work out those kinks in my relationship with Jesus.

I started using a prayer clock for months and months until I actually enjoyed engaging in conversation with Jesus and it just became natural to talk to him about any and everything. It goes like this…

Pray for 20 Minutes:

2 minutes of Praise
2 minutes asking Forgiveness {:take time to be specific of the ways you have messed up and ask for forgiveness and help:}
2 minutes of Praying for Salvation {:for loved ones or in general:}
2 minutes of Intercession {:praying for needs of others or yourself:}
2 minutes praying for Friends and Family
2 minutes praying for the Church {:capital ‘C’:} and Your Leaders {:pastors, bosses, parents, etc.:}
2 minutes of Listening {:you are silent and wait on Jesus to speak:}
2 minutes of Worship {:sing, dance, draw, do whatever you do to worship:}
2 minutes of Scripture {:read or recite scripture – out loud if possible – to align yourself with the Word of God:}
2 minutes of Thanksgiving

When I started, 20 minutes seemed like a really long time to pray. And for the first week, it was. But after months of committing to this prayer clock, it didn’t seem long enough. I needed more than 2 minutes to listen for my Dad’s voice. I needed more than 2 minutes to Praise. I simply needed more time because like in any real relationship – once you open the flood gates it is hard to close them again. Now He probably wishes I would spend a few more of those minutes silent...

Does this help, at all? Do you do something similar or have a totally different approach?

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  1. Love this post! Thank you so much for these great tips <3 Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    God bless,
    Edye //

  2. I really like this approach. I pray frequently throughout the day, but they're fairly short. May have to give this a try.


Thanks for your comment. I absolutely LOVE reading them and they bring honest joy to my day, so thanks!

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