March 21, 2016

Learning the Lyrics - Verse of the Day

November 20, 2015 - a day we had been anticipating for four years. The day we gave our listening ears a break from T. Swift's 1989 album in order to learn the new lyrics of Adele's much anticipated 25 album. 

For some of us the album was love at first listen. For others of us it took us awhile to warm up to the songs we didn't know. But, once we knew every line and every lyric we, like the rest of the world, were singing Adele's sweet praises.

I've been thinking on this week's verse for awhile now. I have been thinking about new songs and new lyrics. I realized that I rarely ever love a song at first listen. It often isn't until I have learned the lyrics that it becomes a fave. 

It's like when a new song is introduced at church - it is a bit awkward because your eyes are mostly glued to the screen to see and learn the new lyrics - not that the song can't still be powerful, it's just usually more powerful when we are less worried about learning the lyrics and more worried about living and breathing the lyrics. Letting them drop into our very being, if you will.

For me, this week's verse is about the song, the truth, I was given to sing when I accepted Jesus. It was in that moment, on the front row of my country church, that moment of salvation, that Jesus gave me the gift of a new album for my collection. An album that was full of truths about Him, and about myself. An album that was filled with promises and declarations of hope. The album was a free gift with the 'download' of salvation, but it wasn't until recently that I realized I had never really bothered to learn the lyrics. 

See the album that plays in my mind so often has tracks like:

1) You'll Never Be Good Enough
2) Don't Let them See the Real You
3) You're Dreams are Unrealistic
4) Girls Like 'That' Don't Have Past Like Yours
5) He'll Never Love You
6) She Can Do It Better
7) Isn't it Time to Give Up

But the album he gave me is filled with tracks like:

1) You are More Than Enough
2) The Real You is Made in my Perfect Image 
3) Nothing is Impossible with Me
4) All Things Work Together for Your Good
5) You are All Together Lovely, My Darling
6) You are My Chosen One
7) For Everything Under the Sun there is a Time

I think we have played the tracks of His album some and when we do it's a sweet sound. Yet, we go back to the old soundtrack of our lives because it is easier to sing to. We already know all of the words - the words of self-defeat, self-loathing, and self-condemnation. But there is a better album out - better than T. Swift, better than Adele, and it is sung by Jesus. 

Isn't it time we put the old soundtrack away and allowed this verse, this week, to wash over us and remind us that we were made to sing a new song. When we sing the song He gave us, about us, it praises Him because we start allowing ourselves to actually represent the image we were made to create - rather than hide it.

Anyone else up for the challenge? I'm praying for you lovely. {:And for all my Living Room Ladies - do not forget the step you took forward that snowy night in January, as you held your sisters hand, signifying you stepping out of the old song and into the new. I pray for you ladies all the time and I love you dearly!:}
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  1. I love this article. I think you're right in that we often listen to the soundtrack that the Enemy wants us to hear. We have to fill our ears with sweet sounds given by God.


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