March 3, 2016

My Health Slogan

Just Do It.
Think Different.
I'm Love It.
Eat Fresh.
Maybe She's Born with It.
A slogan - it is easy to say and impossible to forget. The greatest advertising companies know the power of a great tag line or slogan. It sparks something in people. I bet without even using the source of all knowledge, Google, you could rattle off what company uses each of the tag lines from above.
I recently read an article about how the greatest athletes in the world often have a slogan or a tag line for their own life. This slogan keeps them motivated and prevents them from stopping even though everything in them is screaming to. It's the short phrase they repeat when they are ready to give up. 
Kerri Walsh {:beach volleyball Olympic gold medalist:} - "Breath, Believe, and Battle"
Deena Kastor {:Olympic marathon runner:} - "Define yourself"
Russel Wilson {:Seattle Seahawks QB:} - "Why not me?"
I have recently enlisted my own tag line for my health and fitness goals. It came from one of my trainers at school. When he said it, it was one of those moments I remember thinking "I am totally owning that."

This slogan could apply in any area of your life and I often do apply it to other areas of my own. However, I find I use it the most when my alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning after a sleepless night because there is no air conditioning and it has been a mere 100 degrees all night - yet it is gym time. Decide when you're strong, who you're going to be when you're weak, Or when my body is screaming at me that it just doesn't want to run any further or any longer. Decide when you're strong who you are going to be when you are weak. When I decide that even though everyone else is going out for ice cream at 11pm and even though it is my most favorite food in the history of ever, I am only going for the company.  Decide when you're strong who you're going to be when you're weak.

Eating well and going to the gym are beginning to be things I enjoy, but I don't enjoy them everyday - especially when my alarm goes off at 5:30 am and when my friends are eating ice cream. But, I have decided who I want to be and that includes the way I take care of my body. Sometimes I have to remind myself of just that. One day, the person I am on my strongest day will merely be my future self's weakest. Now, that's something worth fighting for.

Here are a few other slogans I love and you may want to adopt...

"I can and I will."
"I am stronger than my mind allows me to believe."
"Your legs are not giving out. Your head is giving up."
"Today's choices are tomorrow's body."
"Skipping a workout means skipping an opportunity to improve yourself."

What's that one phrase you always repeat in your own head to motivate you and keep you going?

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