March 28, 2016

Puzzle Piece Promise

I am sure by now you are recognizing a theme with my verses - many of them seem to be from Deuteronomy. Guilty. Deuteronomy is like my not so dirty secret these days.

I love how a book of the Bible that has gone "underneath my radar" so to speak for years, all the sudden has me unable to get enough. I could spend an hour on each chapter unpacking it and sitting in awe as God reveals how applicable it is to my season. That's the cool thing about the Bible. When you read it, it has this way of speaking to your season. It's simply stunning and nothing short of divine.

This week's verse got me thinking about a puzzle. I use to love the thought of putting a puzzle together, until I opened the box and saw how many pieces there were and just how tiny they were, as well.

See, when you select a puzzle, you always select it based on the entirety of what the completion will look like, right? That beautiful picture on the front of the box. No one ever picks up one of those microscopic pieces from the box individually and says "I must work on putting this puzzle together because this 2cm piece is just exquisite!"

The verse in Deuteronomy reminds me of this idea.

Has God ever shown you a promise he has for you out in the future? You see the promise and sign up - giving God your "all in" sign only for him to hand you a box with a million puzzle pieces, aka work!

God is great at showing us these beautiful pictures of promise He has for our lives but we want the picture on the front of our promise puzzle without the tedious and sometimes exhausting work it takes of getting that puzzle promise put together.

The promise God has for Israel, the promise land, was their big picture on the front of the puzzle box. But the process of overtaking tribes, tearing down cities, and rebuilding a city was all the puzzle pieces - the work to achieve the promise for Israel.

Just like God told his people over and over, through Moses, in Deuteronomy he says the same thing for us. The promise is secure. He is able to give it to us, but are we willing to see the big picture even when we are handed a bunch of 2cm puzzle pieces? Are we faithful with the little pieces in understanding how they build toward the promise completion? As we are faithful, little by little, we will see the beautiful picture of our promise puzzle unfold.

What promise puzzle pieces has God given into your hands? Are you stewarding them well?
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