March 8, 2016

Shopping for Labels

I was at a dinner the other night hosted by my church and while I was there listening to a speaker speak on something completely different I heard 'the God drop'. You know that moment that there is a spiritual thud in your Spirit and you just know in your knower that it was God. Well, that happened and I thought I would share.

There is something about us, that we love to label people. Even ourselves. Some of these labels aren't bad and we actually enjoy them: wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, intellectual, creative, talented, blogger etc.

Other labels we aren't so fond of: single, in debt, lazy, average, addict, overweight. You get the picture. I am sure we all have a combination of labels that we enjoy and others we despise.

I felt like God told me that so many of the things we see as "labels" God sees as:

1) A season
2) Something we can change if we choose
3) Completely untrue

A Season - 

Take the single girl for example. She labels herself as that, but God doesn't see that as part of her identity. He simply sees that as the season she is in. The season He is using to groom her in and teach her things she needs to know for the next season. 

Maybe your label goes so far as labeling you as an addict. God knows that, that too is a season. If you choose to break that addiction. And you can break that addiction because if you tap into the power of God the battle has already been won. {:John 16:33:}

Possibly you find yourself in a season of debt and you feel the weight of that label. But, God doesn't label you as that looming amount on your credit card statement. He sees this as a season too. {:But part of that is your choice too, sista. Get yo' self some self-control.:}  You can start making responsible finical decisions to get yourself on the other side of this season.

Something We Can Change...If we Choose -

Other labels we have are labels that we choose to allow to define us: lazy, overweight, judgmental. If these labels are true the good news is you can do something about it and God wants to help you. Don't try to go at this alone. He wants to be a part of shattering these labels in your life so He ultimately receives the glory. And WHEN you do don't forget to share your story because other girlfriends need to hear it.

Completely Untrue - 

Then there are other labels that are absolutely 100% untrue. You are not average. You are not "just" another student, mother, banker. But breaking the labels starts in our mind and thoughts. So get a revelation of what God thinks about you.

We are so eager to accept the label that are placed upon us when the only labels we should be accepting are the ones He gives us:

Daughter {:2 Corinthians 6:18:}

Heiresses {:Romans 8:17:}

Called with a purpose {:1 Peter 2:21:}

Set Free {:Galatians 5:1:}

What label have you allowed to shape and form your life? The only label you were made to wear was the label that designates you as the daughter of a King.

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  1. Very well written! God has beautifully and wonderfully made each and every one of us. We should be proud to be labeled 'A Child of God' and not let the negativity of any labels get the best of us.


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