April 18, 2016

Break the Mold...or Not - Galatians 1:10

Some people love to break the rules. I, however, love rules. I love structure. My housemates make fun of me because when I cook, I am one of those people that measure ever-y-thing. Just guessing and taking a 'shot in the dark' doesn't really work for me.

Similarly, there are some people who hate to be boxed in. They hate the idea of trying to fit into a mold. Once again, I am not one of those people. I really, really, really want to fit the mold.

When I came to Australia to attend college, God quickly decided to address my issue of people pleasing mold fitting. I learned that if there was a mold, I didn't just want to fit it. I wanted to fit it perfectly! I pretty much desired to be all things to all people {:How Christian of me right? – WRONG:}.

You need me to be meek, quiet, reserved, doesn't-have-an-opinion Amber? No problem. I can do that for you.

And you? You need me to be loud, energetic, life-of-the-party Amber? Done.

It took awhile, but the phrase I had heard from the platform many times before, "life for an audience of one," was beginning to drop from my head to my heart.

It has just been a recent revelation God has revealed to me that my desire to fit the mold isn’t as bad as I once thought it was…just misguided.

The desire to fit the mold is actually purposeful and strategic on God’s end. He created me from a perfect mold, yet, instead of aiming to fit and fill out the mold God created me from I was aiming to fit and fill out the world’s mold of perfection.

I believe with all my heart, that before I was created and knit together in my mother’s womb that all my days had been calculated and thought through. And as I was being knit together, my Father knew the personality type, body type, skill set, and quirks that I would need to fulfill everything that He had in for me, for all of my days. So, He made a mold and called it Amber Miller.

Sadly, for years I despised this mold because she didn’t have the sweet, quiet, ‘doormat’ type of personality I though she should have or the long lean legs the magazines showed. But I am not sweet and quiet because He needs someone with a little sass for His Kingdom’s sake and I do not have long lean legs because, well that’s mostly because I am short and I like ice cream – but I digress. You get the point though right?

We can seek the approval of the world in their relentless, never-ending, pursuit of unachievable perfection or we can seek the approval of God by going ‘all in’ to fill out the mold He has designed and purposed for us. The choice is yours, but one will lead to striving and a downward mental spiral that will leave you with mounds of self-loathing, self-hating, and self-degrading thoughts while the other will leave you with a satisfaction that cannot fully be expressed in words.

So I am not going to end this post and just ask which you want – the choice should be obvious. Instead, I am going to ask: What one thing you are going to do about it today?
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  1. Very well written. I, at times, have to remind myself that it's not people I need to please; it is God.


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