April 25, 2016

God Dreams and Daring Desires - Acts 5:38-39

I am currently in the middle of reading the New York Times Bestseller Love Does, by Bob Goff. This book contains chapter after chapter of incredible life stories from Bob. He has compiled these stories into this book that now shows millions of others what happens when a person commits their way to God, dares to be fearless, and just has a go. 
I was thinking about my daring dream today as I put Bob's book down to chat with you for a bit. My heart was quickened to this verse. 
"For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

I have a few bold dreams and daring desires in my heart that I am crazy enough to believe God planted there for purpose. I am willing to bet that if you are honest and vulnerable with yourself you would admit to having some of those as well. 
The thing about dreams and desires are that though the seed has been planted in our hearts, it often requires a great deal of work by our hands. Within this verse there are two types of people...those with hands that lack heart and those waiting on the God moment.
As we go about the work of seeing those dreams and desires manifest into reality, I pray that our hands never get disconnected from our hearts-our purpose. 
I believe many great God dreams and daring desires die as people strive to work harder, do more, and be better simply because they have detached their hands from their heart. They are still pursuing those very things God planted in their hearts with their hands they just can't remember why anymore. Or maybe their motive has changed. What was once for Kingdom gain is now for selfish fame. That which was once about seeing people encouraged and championed is now more about how many social media followers their encouraging post has.
Then there are the second group in the verse. Those whose hands and heart are still 110% connected, yet they seem to be at a standstill. They're at a "God better show up" kind of moment. To them I say - Keep going, keep pursuing, and keep believing! What do you have to loose? If it is from God no one will be able to stop it. And if not? What does it hurt to go down as a man or woman who never stopped pursuing the dream. I would much rather be the person who went down fighting than the one who never had the guts to try. 
What is your daring dream that you have lost the passion for or hit a brick wall with? Let this verse encourage you that if God needs to shut you down, He can and will, but what if this week's verse is your commissioning moment to try again, to push one last time {:not with all your might, but with His:}
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