April 4, 2016

John 15:5 - Verse of the Week

abide:: to stay or live somewhere; to remain or continue.

I was in a worship session recently that was like none other that I have experienced. A group of well-known worship leaders were leading us in a song called "Good, Good Father".  I had heard this song before, and loved it, but something about this song, in this moment stirred my heart. Then, it was Holy Spirit's words that he whispered to my soul that caused me to come completely undone.

"You forgot that I am good."

I believe I have shared with you that Holy Spirit does not normally talk to me with words like 'sweet girl', 'baby' and 'lovely' because I am more of a straight shooter. I prefer to just be told what I need to hear - skip the fluff. 

But this time, it was different. It was a soft voice {:not an audible one, just one I could sense deeply in my spirit - this is usually how Holy Spirit speaks:} and a voice that almost sounded on the verge of tears as He spoke.

                                                         "You forgot that I am good."

In all of my do-ing - my desire to steward well the things he has put in my hands; building my character into a person worthy of the future He has for me; juggling work, ministry and school well; making sure I am reading the Word, praying, and reading books to equip myself - I forgot who He is. I forgot the very essence of His character while I was trying to improve mine.

In all the stuff, I forgot that He was good. I was undone, and am even having a hard time keeping from the ugly, uncontrollable, can't-see-my computer-screen cry as I type. I know it sounds so simplistic and basic, but I simply forgot to abide in him. 

When you live in him - when He is the place you take shelter, when He is the place you remain - you can't help but to know He is good. What place do you know better than the one you live? 

And when you know He is good, then from there you can do everything else.

You might expect me to tell you that I realized I had to stop do-ing, but that is not true. I still believe I am meant to do all of those things. They are all good things, but in doing the good things I forgot the one who good gets its definition. Now, I just do them from a different place. 

I have learned to study and work and pray from a place of knowing that He is good and because He is good I don't have to worry about the days when I can't do it all or get it all right. I just simply abide in Him and know that He is good in every season. It is from that place, it is from that posture - posture of abiding - that I have the strength to actually do and be. 

Have you forgotten to abide? Have you too, forgotten He is good? He is so, so good friend and he loves you so much. Take a few minutes to listen to this song, not singing, but allowing the message and the truth of His goodness sink into your heart in a new way.

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