April 20, 2016

My Singleness VISA - The Single Girl Diaries

The first time I came to Australia in 2011 it was to attend Colour Conference. I got to the airport with my Mama and her friend all ready to check in for our flight – in plenty of time might I add – when the less than chipper check-in madam asked for our VISA.

We could have all pulled out our plastic cards from our purses but that was hardly the VISA they were asking for. They were asking for the VISA that would allow us in to this Australian land and allow us to roam freely with the locals for a bit. But. we didn’t have one. Not only did we not have them, we did not even know we needed one.

Long story short, it was one of the only VISAs the airport actually issues and we got on the plane in the nick of time. {:Praise the Lord:}

One VISA I did not ask for yet somehow obtained would be my singleness VISA. This VISA grants me access to this to speak with, travel along side of , and explore with those of you here as well. And while we are here together, this VISA allows me to share my experiences you, shed some light on my ‘lessons learned’, and even winge at the less than glamorous moments of binge watching Friends while binge eating Ben & Jerrys.

If you are reading this, I am going to make the assumption that you too may be operating with this VISA. This VISA provides us with access into a world that others do not have. We have the opportunity to show others what it means to be a confident and Godly single woman. We have the opportunity to lead other younger single women in how this season can be done well, simply by living this season well. Our VISA grants us the opportunity to speak wisdom, life, and lessons learned into other singles when they have no desire to hear it from those using their marriage VISA.

A VISA is an opportunity to explore, to navigate a new or familiar territory that is not our home, and to seek out new adventure.  The great news for us single girls is that VISAs expire, and one day your singleness VISA will too. You will be issued a new VISA for a new land to explore and seek out adventure in called marriage. But, right now, you have a VISA of singleness in your hand. Why not create adventure and excitement in the land you are living in and bring a few other girls on the journey with you? Traveling is always better with a gal pal!

If this singleness VISA is a temporary gift, what are you going to do with it?

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