April 6, 2016

The Art of Abiding...Even in the Single Season - The Single Girl Diaries

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you abide in me and I in you,  you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing" - John 15:5

Over Colour Conference, a massive women's conference my church hosts, I had a fresh revelation of this verse {:which also happened to be this week's verse:}. It is one I knew well and possibly had committed to memory even without writing it on a notecard and reading it everyday - as I am in the habit of doing to commit more scripture to memory.

It was a verse I knew well, but one that lacked genuine meaning in my own heart. It was simply a verse.Yet,  over the conference that verse gained roots and meaning in my heart. 

I had a revelation in "the art of abiding" if you will. God has spoken to many areas of my life through this verse in the past few weeks, but one of those areas is singleness - as you may have guessed since this is {:hello!:} obviously The Single Girl Diaries.

In life there are many season we find ourselves in where we seem to need to build a house instead of merely pitching a tent, as we had hoped. Seasons we are in that we thought would be brief, yet have ended up months, years, even decades longer than we expected. 

In 2010 I made a commitment to myself, and to God, that I would no longer eat chocolate until the day I got married - instead I would pray for my husband in those moments where everyone else is enjoying that melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It was a great idea at the time...I just had no idea how long I would have to live my life chocolate-less. It was a commitment I was expecting to have to uphold for two or three years max...not 6 and counting! {:A girl needs her chocolate, Jesus!:}

As I was sitting and tossing over this verse in my mind I realized that in this single season, though it may be years longer than I had anticipated, I am learning the art of abiding. One day, I will need that same art in my marriage. 

It was yet again, in that moment of quiet time with my Father, that He confirmed that no lesson learned in the waiting season is ever found lacking or without a cause. One day I will be married, and the same way I have learned to abide in my Father is the same way I will abide in my marriage - in the slow seasons, in the struggle, in the less than fairytale moments. I will abide in my marriage because I will abide in Him, my Father, and through Him he will give me strength and courage to abide in even the most difficult of moments and seasons. 

I don't know why you or I are in this season longer than we anticipated, but I do know that one day we will be better wives if we simply learn the art of abiding. 

So maybe today we take a break from the complaining and the ice cream pity party and just simply commit that this day, instead, we will simply learn to abide - because one day we will need this skill in our marriage as well.

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