May 10, 2016

The Fight to be Enslaved - Part II

Each time I sit down to write this little mini blog series on The Fight to be Enslaved, I somehow see Brittney Spears holding a yellow python as she sings out "I'm a slave to you - get it get it, get it get it." Anyone else? No? Okay, moving on.

In yesterday's post I shared on the idea of being a slave and how we can only be a slave to one thing, or person. I shared some ideas of what you may find yourself a slave to in each of the areas the Bible mentions we are to protect and grow: our body, mind, and soul. Today, I want to make this post a bit more practical. What do we do once we have identified the "beast" we are a slave to?

We are wired to have a slave mentality.

No, really. We are hard wired, from creation, to have a slave mentality. The problem with that mentality is that it is misplaced. We are created to be a slave to Christ and the work of bringing Kingdom Come. Yet, we displace this desire to be bound and tied to something and allow ourselves to become slaves to the enemies plans that are set out to see the Kingdom work on this earth cease. The enemy cannot win the victory. He knows this. But he will try to win the battles by displacing what God meant for good, for evil. 

Starve the beast.

I am about to go to that spiritual place, but like I said in last week's post, I make no apologies for it. There is a war going on for you right now. The scary part is, there is an enemy that often believes in your potential more than you believe in your potential. He knows that if he can keep you a slave to the scale, keep you a slave to perfectionism, or keep you a slave to salacious gossip he can keep you from fully becoming a slave you were meant to become one to - Jesus. Then, the work you were created to do will be hindered because you are to embarrassed about the way you look to lead  in the influence God has given you, too embarrassed to step out on that business adventure you feel called to because you might fail, and too stuck in your judgment of other people that you cannot love him. STARVE THE BEAST! You have identified the enemies "hot" button in your life, now take of those stilettos and beat the hell out of him. For every beast you have find a scripture that negates the lie the enemy is trying to believe and say it out loud over and over again so you can hear it and so he can be reminded that he has already been defeated. 

Fight to be Enslaved.

There is free, and then there is "free indeed"{:John 8:36:}. Slaves who are free are always looking over their shoulders to see when that old master might come back to capture them. Slaves who are "free indeed" are now tied to a new master and therefore secure in freedom. You will never fully be out of slavery until you find and dedicate yourself to a new master. How do you do that? Memorize scripture, read the word, pray your stiletto loving heart out, rely on the Holy Spirit and his strength {:not your own:} and fake it 'til you make it. 

Is it a deal? Are you ready to starve the beast and become enslaved to the One you were created to be enslaved to?
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