May 9, 2016

The Fight to be Enslaved - Verse of the Week

I have had the day off today and found myself as I usually do, absently minded scrolling through Pinterest. A I was scrolling, I stumbled on this gem - Clare Smith's blog {:all about health: body, mind & soul:} and it was love at first click. I could have spent hours going through articles, but I got stopped by the one titled "Stop Feeding the Beast". In the article was this week's verse of the week:

"For a man is slave to whatever has mastered him." - 2 Peter 2:19

 Now, let me start off by saying a lot of what I am writing has been inspired by her post and many of these thoughts are not my own, but her.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post...

This scripture captivated me because it got me thinking about my new favorite book - Deuteronomy, remember. II started thinking about how the Israelites were taken out of slavery, but became replaced actual enslavement with enslaved mindsets. In turn, they had to wander around 40 years in the desert so God could get the slavery mentality out of them. After all, you cannot inherit a promise with your old mindset {:that's a word for somebody - I'm sure of it.:}.

So this thought of  slaves got me questioning how this slavery mindset relates to us. Though we may not be shackled or forced to do excruciating labor under dire circumstances, we are often slaves to habits and mindsets which effect our body, mind and soul.

Some of these enslaved mindsets could be as followed...


   A slave to sugar

   A slave to the scale

   A slave to toxic habits - overeating, smoking, drinking, sex


   A slave to comparison

   A slave to negative thoughts

   A slave to perfectionism


   A slave to our spouses/best friends love and acceptance

   A slave to anger

   A slave to gossip

As I pondered on this post and the idea of slavery, I realized, a slave can only have one master. Paul, multiple times in his letters in the New Testament, described himself as a slave. Now, looking back on his life we can see that is clearly true. Had he not been a slave to Christ he would not have endured the beatings, the criticism, the insurmountable odds stacked against him. Had he been a slave to people pleasing he would have not spread Christianity throughout much of the European and Asian world. Had he been a slave to fear he would not have penned many of his great epistles from a jail cell. Had he been a slave to his past {:he was well known for murdering Christians:} he would have never done any of what we know him for. But, he didn't. He abandon the things that once enslaved him and fought to be a slave of Christ.

What are you a slave to?

The first part of freedom and fighting to be enslaved to the ONE who is the only one worth being a slave to, is identifying what or who is taking His place. Tomorrow, we will dive more into how we do it - how we fight to become enslaved, but to the right thing - Jesus Christ.
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