May 16, 2016

The Most Helpfully Unhelpful Post You May Ever Read - Verse of the Week

This may be one of the most quoted scriptures among believers. Yet, to me, it is one of the most frustrating ones.

 Substance and evidence are both visual things. Yet, faith is invisible. Well, that makes no sense to me.

So does that mean that faith is the tangible outworking of the hope that we have in Christ? And if so, what does that evidence look like? Does it look like buying a wedding dress when you haven't had a date in five years? Does it look like buying a building for the business you haven't yet started? Or maybe it looks like buying baby furniture when the doctors are telling you you'll never have a biological child on your own? These could all be considered evidence {:some far more crazy than others:} of something not yet realized, but I have a hunch it goes deeper than a sign or a faith "steak in the ground" if you will.

To help me simplify this verse and make it less uncomfortable, I use to compare it to earning a diploma. We work our way through high school with a certainty that if we do the work and make the grades that we will receive that diploma in the end. We never see the diploma on those nights we are studying our behinds off. It is not hanging on the school hallway wall as a reminder of what you are working for. We simply work with 100% confidence that we will receive it if we do our end of the bargan. 

I have since come to the conclusion that, that is far too simplified to actually be true. Sure, it made me feel more comfortable because I could wrap my head around it. But, isn't that the point? If faith could be quantified down to a three step process or a spiritual equation of 2 parts works + 3 hours of prayer/ x a 21 day Daniel Fast, then it wouldn't really be faith would it?

 If faith was explainable then we wouldn't really need it, right? If you can put a formula around it, I would argue that it is not really faith.

Faith is the simply inexplainable. It is the "I know that I know that I know" feeling in your gut of who God is. It the assurance of "if you don't come through in this circumstance or situation I know that I know you are still God and just because you didn't isn't because you are not able." Faith is that "silent verse" in your own personal cry out to God that takes you from "why me Lord" to "what are you trying to teach me, Lord." It is the moment the unexplainable happens in you and it changes the way you see the situation. Faith is evidence of the unseen, but it starts with the invisible and the inconceivable. 

Faith isn't a five step improvement plan to help you seek a perspective. Faith isn't something that can be theologically boiled down to three components. It is the unexplainable evidence that an inconceivable God lives within you and is changing you and realigning you to live, perceive, and move in a new way...that is the evidence. 

Faith is your billboard to others that He is in you and you know that you know that you know.

Helpfully unhelpful? I hope so. Faith isn't something you muster up, rather it is an overflow of the "I know that I know that I know."
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