June 6, 2016

Who Told You That? - Verse of the Week

I was reading in Genesis this morning in my devotional time. {:I love Monday's because it means lingering a little bit longer than other days in my quiet time - side note...has nothing to do with today, but hey we are friends so why not?....now back to our previously scheduled Jesus post.:} 

I do my devotions in two parts. Part one, after I read, is journaling any thoughts or feelings I have in regards to what I read or anything I feel God spoke to me. Part two is where I study a passage of scripture or an entire chapter - looking at its historical context, who wrote it, why it was written, and all that nerdy stuff that I love.

This morning during the first part, my heart was stirred when I read this in Genesis 3:11...

And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?

My heart broke for myself and all those around me as I felt Holy Spirit ask me the same question in regards to my own insecurities: Who told you?

When you look at this story in its entirety Adam and Eve were told not to eat from one specific tree. All the other trees were fair game. But this one tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, was off limits. He didn't want them receiving their truth or knowledge from anywhere but himself.

We can all hate Eve because she is the one that makes child birth painful and she is the reason why x, y, and z happen, but in all reality we aren't that different from her really.

We are given absolute Truth in the Word of God. We are told not to lean on our own understanding of things but to seek Him {:Proverbs 3:5:}. Yet, we often get our information about what is and isn't true from a different source - the world.

We are told that we are not of this world, yet we choose to place our identity and set due north of our "truth compass" to what the world says.

He says we are all together lovely. {:Song of Solomon 4:7:}

     The world says our nose is too big and our hips too wide.

He says you are more that a conquer. {:Romans 8:37:}

     The world says you have tried this before and always come up short.

He says He who began a good work in you will bring it to a glorious completion. {:Philippians 1:6:}

     The world says: "How long have you had that dream? Don't you think it might be time to throw in       the towel?"

Who told you lovely? What lies are you believing that negate what the Word of God, the Truth, says about you and your life?

Why did the serpent come, whisper in Ever's ear and place a question mark where God put a period? - "Did God really say...?" {:Genesis 3:1:}

The serpent knew the truth and knew he would lose all power and control in humanity if Eve believed the Word of the Lord God. Their potential would be limitless.

The enemy still does the same thing today. He replaces truth in your life with a question mark. "Did he really say?" He did it to Jesus in the wilderness, and he does it to you today. He does it for the same reason today as he did at the beginning of time - he is afraid of your potential if you actually believed the truth - the Word of God.

Wouldn't it be a shame if the enemy believed more in our potential than we did?
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