July 11, 2016

Coffee Date?

Hi friend! How are you? We have so much to catchup on!

 I feel like I have been so busy filling this little space of blogland with recipes, fitness inspiration, and all things faith that I haven't even taken a breath to let you in on my not so ordinary world over here on the other side of the pond. 

I cannot believe I have lived in Australia for two years now. The time has absolutely flown. As I look back on the two years that have been the most stretching, significant, difficult and life altering years of my life I am confident that they have also been the most life shaping. I know I have shared how this has been the most beautifully difficult thing I have ever done, but that statement still remains. 

The last six months have been filled with high and lows all the same. Highs of conferences, girlfriend giggles when we should all be sleeping, engagements, birthdays, and planning trips to Bali. And lows of health challenges, being faced with the reality of who I am at the deepest level, those nagging feelings or 'what if', moments of longing for the life I left behind, and plenty of 'can I even do this?' thoughts. But also realizing how near and faithful God is in every mountain top high and valley low.

{:A little down time fun at Colour Conference:}

{:She's engaged! #1down5togo:}

 {:The boys made us wait for dinner, sooooo we took mirror selfies:}

Through the highs and lows of the last six months I have grown closer to some of my amazing friends and made intention to adventure out a bit more to discover this unusually beautiful city I call home {:for now:}

{:This hike was intense. We hiked down and back up 101 stories!:}

{:This is the day we realized we are actually living 
our own real-life version of Friends. The boys just 
live upstairs in our apartment building.:}

We even got up and left at 4:30 one morning for a sunrise Anzac service {:comparable to our Memorial Day:}. Then we spent the day walking the streets and exploring some of the beach at the world famous Bondi. The morning was absolutely freezing, but watching the sun come up over the ocean as they played Taps as tribute was pretty spectacular and well worth the lack of sleep. We later made up for it in coffee consumption.

Then, the moment came where I needed to make some shifts in my life - both for my emotional and physical health. I've been battling a bit with my autoimmune condition since I have been over here and it was just time to start taking it into my own hands because the doctors were helping me ZERO! I spent almost my whole week off from school researching and reading countless articles and blogs on how others with the same condition took back their health. I was blown away by how many things doctors had failed to mention. I started seeing a naturopath, have adopted the Autoimmune Paleo diet and have seen significant improvements in my energy levels just within the last month. I am also now a huge fan of yoga {:just as a side note - since this is a coffee date:}

It was also time I cut some ties with my own horrible thought patterns. Patterns that I realized I often defaulted to without ever knowing it. Normally when this happens, I like to change something. It use to be when I would paint my house or redecorate a room...buuuuuut since that is no longer an option I decided this should happen.

So, yeah. I cut my hair. I needed an outward expression of an inward stance I was taking. And now that is done so I will grow it back out, I think. 

Then there are my housemates. If you ever would have told me that I would actually enjoy living with 5 other girls in a space smaller than the house I  lived in all by myself, I would have rolled my eyes and told you you were out of your tree. The truth is, every single girl in this house is so special to me. We are all pretty sassy and have strong personalities, but it just works somehow.  These girls have seriously stolen my heart. There will be a day too soon when I will miss Dez talking to me early in the morning even though she knows me responding isn't even an option before coffee and Des' belting of the classic Disney tunes. *Sigh* Yeah, I really love these girls.

{:They are seriously babes, though:}

{:And dressing almost identically without knowing it happens...often:}

In just a few weeks I start my third and final year of school here. Third year is lighter on classes and focuses more on internship - although I am really excited for this semester's classes {: Managing Leaders, Prophetic Literature, Platform Ministries, and Contemporary Theologies:}. My internship, more than likely, will be within college with the principal of the college. I have no idea what this year will look like practically other than I have been told it will leave me feeling like a fish out of water, yet again. But to that, I say bring it on. I didn't come over here for a vacation, I came over here for bootcamp {:remind me of the 4 months from now:}.

{: My not so Small Group family:}

But before I head back into my third year of ministry bootcamp, I am heading to Bali with some friends. To say I am excited would be an understatement. We have a personal chef, driver, and a masseuse coming to the house we are renting. This is totally not a vacation a college student should be able to afford, but you wont find me complaining. 

So yeah, I think that is it. I know this post was a bit all over the place, but so are coffee dates...and me, right? You just sit and talk about any and everything. We will have another coffee date soon so we can catch up about Bali, okay? Happy Monday!

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