August 3, 2016


Pinterest has turned me into a DIY fan. I love making things - wreaths, wall art, jewelry, you name it and I would probably be down to make it. There is something so fun about the process and the satisfaction that comes at the end knowing that you created this piece to put in your home or wherever.

I think Christians love DIY projects. Sadly, most of our projects turn out like the Pinterest fail pictures.  I am not talking about sharpie coffee mugs chalkboard painted wine bottles, or t-shirt makeovers. I am talking about the things we face in life. It could be the big stuff like your struggle with adultery and addiction or it may be as small as not being able to organize a system to get through the countless work emails you have to sift through every single morning. Wether you find the battle you face ahead of you massive or almost embarrassingly insignificant Holy Spirit wants to help you.

We are not meant to DIY when it comes to our struggles, worries, or fears. We are meant to do it with our helper.

Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you. - John 16:7
Holy Spirit longs to be your helper, your best friend, and your confidant. He longs to walk each day with you, hand-in-hand. He longs to speak to you; he longs to comfort you when the struggle is real. He longs to give you rest when you are weary. He longs to give you power and authority to claim what is rightfully yours through Jesus. He just longs to do this journey with you.
It breaks my heart when I think about the Church {:big 'C':} today and how comfortable we are with God and Jesus, but it's like people do not know what to make of Holy Spirit. So... they just shut Him out completely. It is as if Jesus went away so we could have the helper, a best friend, with us at all times who possesses all that Jesus possessed yet he is forced to sit in the corner because we don't talk to him. Like he is the unpopular kid of the Trinity. Instead, we choose to just struggle on through the valleys of life without Him and celebrate our triumphs with our real life besties when the one who gave us the victory is quietly waiting in the corner in hopes that you just might say hello today. 
Have you said hello to Holy Spirit today? He is in the room with you right now and He longs to carry the burdens of life with you and celebrate the triumphs. Will you let Him in? 
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