September 12, 2016

Heart Made Whole - Book Review

Where to begin with this book? I wish I could fill this post with quote after quote and how I continually found myself in its pages. But, you are welcome, I will spare you the 10,000 word essay. And...just so we can call this an "actual book review", let's get this whole rating thing out of the way and say this book was 10 stars out of 5 - seriously!

I am sitting here on my balcony staring at my blinking cursor on the screen. I am at a loss of how to adequately put into words how profound I found this book to be - not profound in its eloquent theological speech, but profound in that it has unlocked something within me. 

I finished it a few weeks ago and I am already wondering if it is too soon to pick it back up for a second read.

When I selected "Heart Made Whole" to read, I had never heard of Christ Black Gifford. I just saw the book pop across my social media feed being endorsed by some of the authors and speakers I love so I thought, "why not?"  

In short, the book is about allowing a Savior to mend your broken heart. It sounds like another great Christian self-help book, but I promise this one is so much more.

I was blown away by how vulnerable and transparent Christa was in this book. She shares some of the darkest trials and seasons in her life and doesn't pretend that she was all love hearts and kisses for her Jesus. She is honest! 

In the book, she writes about how our hearts regularly speak to us through our thoughts, actions, and emotions. Yet, we suppress these neon signs for the sake of "forging on"- our Christian duty, right? She goes on to share how when we do this, we are neglecting the very things that are keeping our hearts hardened to our Daddy.

As Christa shared personal conversations she had with Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit it revealed what an incredibly intimate and beautiful - yet raw - relationship she has with them. It challenged me and caused me to go running after that type of relationship. I am not saying this to beef up this post and make it sound better. I mean this as genuinely as I can and with a thank-filled heart to my Jesus that I found this book in my hands.  

Through this book I opened up wounds to Daddy that I didn't realize I had locked Him out of. I identified walls that were keeping me fully from His invading presence into my heart. And, I located where there were gaps between what I knew about Daddy and what I actually believed. Because of this book I have started journeying my on path of allowing Him to mend, restore, repair, and make my heart whole - as He intends it to be.

This book has been the launching pad for a lot of authentic healing and I am so grateful. Can I encourage you to invest the few dollars it costs to purchase this book and just watch what God can do to make your heart whole? Then, come back here and share because I really want to know how this book touched you personally.

What book has had this type of affect on you lately?

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