November 2, 2016

To Have and to Hold - Book Review (byBetsy St. Amant, Katie Ganshert and Becky Wade)

It has literally been two years since I picked up a fictional book. And probably almost five years since I chose to a read a sappy romance novel. I used to love me a good page turning chick flick. I couldn't put them down and I devoured them on a weekly basis. As I began to build a stronger relationship with Jesus, I knew that I needed to be more intentional in guarding my mind. This meant putting down the romance novels with scenes in that made me quietly blush.

I'm not really sure what led me to choose this particular novel, but I am coming out of a pretty full on season. I knew I needed a departure from the theology readings, the leadership books, and the soul searching texts that have consumed my mind for most of the past few weeks and months. I needed something mindless that wasn't going to leave me feeling guilty if one of my housemates picked up my iPad.

This book is a combination of three short stories. The first centers around a small town baker. The second story, a florist. And the third, a small town wedding planner and author from Texas. The stories do not interrelate but all follow their lives as they find love. Each story was sweet in its own way and left me smiling in my bed as I read rather than red faced. They even left me turning pages long after I should have been tucked into my bed with the lights off. It reminded me of a more pure version of Nora Robert's Wedding Quartet books.

Is it a life changing, you have to go buy the book right now type? No. Would I recommend it to the girl just looking for something mindless to read? You bet.
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