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Hey lovely,

I’m Amber - a small town WV girl who has somehow found herself over 9,000 miles away from what use to be home and living down unda in Australia {:or Strya mate, as the locals would say:}. I say somehow, but that’s really not the case at all. See, like most girls, I had a plan for my life. By now I was certain I would be a minivan driving, soccer loving, picket fence living wife and mama, but apparently God didn’t get the memo. Instead of living the life I thought I would be living God turned my life upside down. He asked me to quit my job of six years as a kindergarten teacher, sell my home, leave the people I love the most, and fly half way around the world, alone, to go back to school to study ministry. So here I am, nowhere near the life I thought I would be living, but smack dab in the middle of God’s plan for me. And can I tell you a secret? I really love it!

This blog is a place where I share three to four times a week what God is teaching me about what it truly means to be whole – spirit, soul, and body. I hope you will come along the journey so we can chat all things fashion, healthy living, singleness, and Jesus. And if you really love this space {:and I really hope you will:} pop on over to the right-hand sidebar and subscribe so you are sure not to miss a post.

Thanks for stopping by. 
Grab a cup of coffee, put on your favorite heels, and stay awhile!


  1. Love your blog! You followed me a couples weeks ago via Wild Card Wednesday! Sorry for taking forever to get over here! Can't wait to read more! Nashville is a favorite show of mine and I love Lady A!

  2. You are precious! cute blog-and Bless your heart-you are a kindergarten teacher! I'm a speech pathologist and every time I step foot in a k-5 classroom, I am amazed at all ya'll do! so glad to follow from Wildcard Wednesday here and on bloglovin-)

    1. Aw thank you so much and thank you for following along :)

  3. I love this! Seriously I want to meet you in person! Haha
    (0: You are lovely! and I love your blog already!

    love and blessings,


    1. Make my day why dontcha! Thank you. With such sweet compliments how can I not follow you right back!

  4. Love you blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! I was trying to e-mail you back after your sweet comment, but it says you're a "no-reply" blogger :(

    Let me know if I can help you change that!

  5. Yay, same here, I love coffee and above all, Jesus! God bless!

  6. I just found your blog!!
    I am so excited!
    I am now following!
    I am looking forward to keeping up!!!


  7. Hi! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here: http://stephanieisms.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/versatile-blogger-award/
    Keep up the great blogging! Your posts brighten my day :)

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  9. I'm so glad I came across your blog! I think I found it on bloglovin. I really like "The Test of True Friendships". I'm a teacher too (well, former teacher... I stay home with my son now!). I'm new to blogging, so feel free to visit me! I'm looking forward to catching up on your posts!


  10. Amber! For one, I can't believe we're having to "find" each other by our blogs, but how cool! I am loving all of your spiritual posts and tell me more about Australia because I'm thinking that this has to do with that special someone we talked about years ago who was living there at the time ;0

  11. After reading the name of your blog I insistently knew I needed to follow. I am a high heel, coffee, fashion, family and friends lover. Can't wait to continue reading more. Also, what is taking you to Australia?


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